About the band


Dedicated to self-penned, honest, rootsy tunes, the music from the Diner touches base with Country, Americana, Folk and Pop traditions yet the presentation and lyrical content draws inspiration from everyday life through wondrous tales of love, loss, friendship and tigers!

Circe’s Diner’s tracks have been taken to live radio performances, airplay with BBC Introducing, live video favourites with Balcony TV and Sofar Soundsfilm sync (High Tide. 2015) and many performances across the UK and Europe including Glastonbury Festival, Ronnie Scott’s and performing to the Great British Bakeoff’s family in the final.

With their sound constantly developing whilst maintaining a humanity often lost in contemporary music, their songs (and their friendship) have touched the hearts of many.

Twisted with the bittersweet, Circe’s Diner blend catchy hooks, infections melodies and dreamy harmonies in a unique way that voices strength, whilst baring one’s deepest vulnerabilities.

These acoustic alchemists will take you on most intoxicating journey that will leave you feeling thoroughly charmed!

” Their mesmerising harmonies are equally unafraid, pairing Buck’s ethereal rasp (which takes the lead) with Shande’s bolder voice to provide a captivating reminder of just how powerful intertwining vocals can be. Perhaps most interesting of all is their tantalising timing, flittering and weaving around the melody and never quite falling into the usual rhythms. It’s what makes Circe’s Diner so addictive and such an interesting proposition.”

– Songwriting Magazine


” Flowing with lilting, folk-inspired melodies alongside the duo’s smooth, honey-sweet vocals that soar together in perfect harmony. Oozing a twinkling charm, Circe’s Diner offer a little slice of sunshine that we need now more than ever.”

– GigSlutz


” Rosina Buck’s sweet, husky tone and Bronte Shande’s warm, colourful vocal blend together effortlessly, immediately filling you with an undeniable sense of joy. Their minimalist style and mesmerizing harmonies are simply all you need for a soft, intricate hug of a song.”

– The Vinyl District


“The band play a brand of upbeat and celebratory folk that’s easy on the ears and warming to the heart”

– Brighton’s Finest


“This EP will make you feel warm and fuzzy inside on this cold wintery season”

– Flux


“You can expect an exuberant performance and something really quite different from a highly creative young tour de force on the rise”

– Gloucestershire Echo


“The October EP is an enjoyable 30 minutes of music with some good songwriting and strong vocals. The melodic pop feel takes it away from pure folk and to a wider audience”

– Glasswerk


“In three words? Quirky. Folk. Glamour. Vocalist Bronte Shande’s jazzy-folk tones perfectly complement the vintage coo of alternate lead Rosina Buck above the wondrous arrangements”

– HiddenHerd


“The room was put under a spell by the captivating harmonies and irresistible hooks. The charming lyrics and folky melodies create a soul-warming feeling that is impossible not to fall in love with”

– The University Paper


“From watching them perform live, you can tell that they have poured everything they have into their music and really believe in what they do.”

– The University Paper