Circe’s Diner Village Fete with special guests Frankie Furlow & Belle Roscoe

CIRCES VF final2 CIRCES-VF-final2

Well Howdy Folks!!

We have a very special and important date for your diaries – The Circe’s Diner Village Fete!!

Through a mezze of fun and games we invite you to support three fantastic bands on a musical journey. We hope to raise money for an upcoming European tour where we plan to sprinkle the love of the Diner far and wide!

Here are the awesome and cool bands…

Frankie Furlow –
Belle Roscoe –
Circe’s Diner –

The tour will follow the individual journey of the bands in a unique documentary, capturing the highs and lows of a musician trying to persue their dream against all odds.

There will be GAMES there will be LAUGHTER and there will be WHIPPED CREAM!!