We are OVER THE MOON to finally be able to release our new music video for ‘WHO DARES’!

We have been very blessed indeed to have had some really wonderful reviews so far. We hope you love it as much as we do and thank you always for your love and support!

“…Oozing a twinkling charm, this track offers a little slice of sunshine that we need now more than ever.” – GigSlutz

“…It’s what makes Who Dare’s so addictive and Circe’s Diner such an interesting proposition.” – Songwriting Magazine

“Beginning completely a cappella, Rosina Buck’s sweet, husky tone and Bronte Shande’s warm, colourful vocal blends together effortlessly, immediately filling you with an undeniable sense of joy. Their minimalist style and mesmerizing harmonies are simply all you need for this soft, intricate hug of a song.” –  The Vinyl District